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SYT Loses Battle with Heat

As we approached July 22nd, the day of the Shed Your Threads race, the weather continued to deliver bad news. All week weather reports were predicting near record temperature for heat with indexes nearing 110 degrees. The only downfall with holding a race in July is the Iowa humidity. The day before the race, both Trekman Racing and the Elkader Fitness board made the decision to play it safe rather than risk anyone's health and be sorry.

The following was sent to those that pre-registered...

The first priority of a race director is the safety of the participants and the volunteers. Weather is the primary issue most RD’s have to take into account, and this week the forecast has required attention and has been labeled with dangerous conditions. The latest weather information suggests there could be a heat index of 105 (with some declaring 115) or more on Friday evening. That puts you and our volunteers at risk for heat related problems. As a result the decision has been made by the Elkader Fitness Board and Trekman Racing to cancel Shed Your Threads. Individuals that registered with Chronotrack will receive an email regarding the cancellation.


The Elkader Fitness Board

In order to promote the race through Facebook, Elkader Fitness held a contest to share the race's registration page throughout the social media outlet. The winner would receive a $20 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods and a FREE 3-month membership to Elkader Fitness. Despite having to cancel the race, Elkader Fitness stayed true to their word and drew Rhonda Donlon as the Facebook drawing winner.

In closing, we would like to thank all of the sponsors that contributed to this year's race.

Shed Your Threads plans to be back next year!

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